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Trucking's not just a job for you; it's your career! Here's where you'll find great information to support that career. We'll be bringing you features on issues that interest you such as vocational profiles and freight focus. Our Questions & Answers section is here to give you great advice.

When to hang up the keys
CPP rules are changingĂ˝ and that could mean significant changes to your retirement plans.

Slip sliding away
What you can really do to prevent mishaps in the shop, in the yard... and around your truck.

The Trucker's Apprentice
If you don't have enough driving experience to get insurance, an apprenticeship program might be the answer.


CBC Thinks Truckers Can Be Inspiration

CBC Radio 2 wants to add to the history of Canadian songwriting by creating 13 new road songs, one from each province and territory. And the brains at the CBC recognized that truckers are in the best position to nominate those roads.

According to a statement from the corporation, "we'll be asking Canadians to nominate and vote for an awe-inspiring stretch of road that should be immortalized in a brand new song. Whether it's a stretch of pavement, an ice road or a gravel by-way they're all gateways to travel and adventure; a story just waiting to be turned into a song."

Starting Sept. 7 you can tune in to CBC Radio 2 to hear the 13 Song Quest artists who will write a new song for their province or territory, listen to great road songs, and find out what roads or places Canadians think should be immortalized in song.

When the voting is over, the Song Quest artists will get to work and write a brand new song for their province or territory, using the road or place that was chosen, and the new songs will be revealed on Oct. 22.

Here's how you can participate in CBC Radio 2's Song Quest: The Road Song. Go to www.cbc.ca/radio2 and nominate a stretch of road or place you think is song-worthy. You can also create a blog, upload photos or even submit your own song. Or, call the CBC at 1-877-222-8166 and leave a message.

Then listen to hear yourself on the air.

In the Magazine

You'll find these and other stories in the highwaySTAR print magazine this month. Available at your favourite truckstop.

  • HOS controversy just won't go away
  • Television looking for world's toughest driver.
  • EcoMotors' OPOC is a potential game-changing engine.

Questions & Answers

I am thinking of getting into the trucking industry full time here in the next few months. I have some experience driving but nothing I can put on a resume. What can I do to make myself more employable as a new driver?

The first thing you need to do is take a recognized and accredited driving course. As we speak, trucking companies have their pick of drivers -- due to the slowdown of the US economy. They won't even look at you with less than two years of verifiable experience -- or an accredited course -- under your belt.

My strongest advise is not to waste your money of a cheap program. Even if you have "some" experience, unless it can be verified, nobody will look at you, so if you're serious about this, do it right and you won't be disappointed.
Allan Janssen

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