Life and Family

Doing Your Job

Our Driving Forces
Rush-hour gridlock is nothing compared to a route where you'll face roadside bombs. That's driving in Afghanistan.


Driving Dedication
Don MacGregor is proof you just can't keep a good driver down.


Driving Satisfaction
There's a long list of things that can make a fleet a pleasure to drive for and it's not just about the money.


Safe Driver Plus
APPS Transport driver Guy Broderick has always had a keen interest in safety and heýs just as keen to share his knowledge


Road to Redemption
After a troubled childhood, Cliff Lammeren has spent his adult years trying to help as many people as possible, both on and off the highway.


Top Trucker
Safety is always a priority for New Brunswick's Stewart Finnamore and it's just one of the reasons he was named Canada's trucker of the year for 2009.


Working Without a Net
Stephen Large religiously maintains the powerhouse and pampers the body of whatever he drives. The only item he overlooks is himself.


Olympic Haul
In what might be the run of a lifetime, brothers Leonard and Bruce Magill trucked alongside the Olympic torch on its way across Canada.


Aggre-Great Trucking
Being tied to the construction business has meant being down in the dumps for lots of operators, but not all of them.


Buying Your Independence
Follow your dream, but beware: there's more to being an owner-operator than meets the eye.


Hero on the Highway
How Raynald and Elaine Bouthillier turned a tragedy into a trucking triumph.


DIY: Custom Truck
Ryan Cychowski wanted a flashy custom rig but didn't have a fortune to sink into the project, which is only a problem if you let it be.


In Touch
Staying in touch while miles away from home doesn't have to include a huge cell phone bill. Ain't technology grand?


Let the Good Times Roll
A little more than a year after graduating from owner-op to fleet owner, Larry Pilipchuk couldn't be happier. Of course, a little success doesn't hurt.


Recovery Road
Compared to last year, many of Canada's 50 largest carriers have experienced some growth. Will economic growth be far behind?


Rush to Montreal
Bud Rush wins highwaySTAR of the Year award, presented at the upbeat Expocam 2009 truck show.


Work Horse
Self-loading log truck operators like northern Ontarioýs Reg Blunt are an independent breed.


Keeping it Simple
The success of an owner-operator running multiple trucks comes down to simplicity and Keith McMurdo has met that goal for nearly two decades now.


Credit Where Credit Is Due
Even with a tightened credit market it's still possible to get funds for new equipment, as long as it's deserved.


Midnight Run
The stretch of highway between Edmonton and Fort McMurray has a bad reputation, but it's all in a night's work for Irving Szmydt.


The Best You Can Be
Luke Langlois has logged two million collisionfree miles, and now he's the OTA/Volvo Trucks Driver of the Year in Ontario.


Not Only Fools Rush In
Apparently being an owner-operator is easier on the heart than playing professional hockey. Who knew?


Good Show!
Americans by the millions are tuning in to "Ice Road Truckers," and getting a lasting impression of Canada's North.


Don't Bank On It
Trying to figure out if a carrier is about to tip over isn't easy, but knowing the signs could prevent you from getting stiffed on payday.


Off Limits
Idling during winter is a great Canadian tradition, but there are alternatives that won't leave you out in the cold, or break the bank


All the Comforts of Home, for a Couple Bucks an Hour
Done right, truckstop electrification could save the industry millions and improve air quality around truckstops dramatically.


SCR is Coming
Selective catalytic reduction is soon to be the new kid on the emissions block.


Smarter Shifting
Efficient operation requires a thorough understanding of what makes your engine go.


No Room for Error
The oil companies appear to be the culprits this time around, but they're just trying to maintain their (substantial) profit margins. Are you doing the same?


Training That Pays Is Worth the Cost
Moral support is not exactly automatic for a prospective driver, but Alberta's Professional Driver Certificate program helped sway the people in Chris Buller's world.


My Little Secret
This month's question: I suspect I might have sleep apnea, but I'm nervous about asking my doctor about it. If the doctor finds that I do have sleep apnea, can she suspend my license on medical grounds until it's successfully treated?


E-Logs Jam Marketplace
A wave of electronic on-board recorders is flooding the marketplace. The newest gadgets will do a lot more than just track your hours, so it's important to know what's required and what you might need before taking the leap to digital.


Long Live Diesel
The rush to replace conventional diesel fuel is the source of much confusion and not a little contradiction. We try to sort it out.


Eliminating The Paper Trail
Electronic logbooks have begun surfacing in the trucking industry, and one B.C.-based carrier is not waiting for widespread use before bringing in the new technology.


Cream of the Cop Crop
James Trombley is Transport Officer with Alberta Infrastructure and Transportation. He's also North America's top truck Inspector.


Falling Through the Cracks
What should fleets do to make sure their seats are filled?


What Alfy's All About
With his little-boy enthusiasm and love of good health, this Erb driver's all about staying fit and enjoying the ride.


Sanity Savers
In-cab entertainment equipment is getting smaller, more portable, easier to use, and cheaper all the time. The AM/FM CD player is old technology now.


Channel 19
It's time to retire MTO's age-based driver retesting policy. There's just no proof it's a valid means of protecting safety, some experts say.


Power Trips
The 2007 diesel engine remains a voyage of discovery.


Two for the Road
The story behind the Lempriere's cross-Canada trucking diary, "A Road Called Home."


Business Bytes
Need a little help with your numbers? Here's some software to help put your business in perspective.


It Takes All Kinds
Older, wiser, and willing to embrace change ý a lot of today's new drivers take to the wheel via some unexpected career paths.


The Good Samaritan
Does a driver have to stop and help at an accident scene?


Suspended Licence, Suspended Pay Cheque?
What happens if the province pulls your licence for medical reasons?


Changing With the Times
2007 isn't just about new engines. It's about a new way of doing business.


The 100% Solution
We could see an EOBR mandate from FMCSA as early as mid-November, but is industry ready for strict, no wiggle room monitoring of driving hours?


Hopes and Fears
Depending on where you live in Canada, the decision to buy new in '07 seems more dependent on the economy than the bottom line.


Keepa U Hands Off!
Truck wiring is no job for an amateur. If you're not absolutely sure what you're doing, leave it to the pros.


Critical Incident Stress
There's no shame in being utterly overwhelmed by a traumatic event, or in seeking help.


Best Kept Secret
Sleep Apnea could be a career-limiting condition for truck drivers unless attitudes surrounding the diagnosis and treatment change.


Cost Per Mile For Dummies
No disrespect intended; just a basic primer for determining your operating costs.


Trouble in the Forest
Can Canadian producers weather a high dollar and high energy prices?


Shifting Fortunes
Declining sales for the Big Three mean cuts in production. Does that spell doom for the North American auto sector? No way.


The Long View
What's it look like ten years down the road? It's anybody's guess, but a look at how some folks feel might help clarify your outlook.


The 10-Year Plan
A decade in the making, our new HOS rules wonýt slow you down that much, and youýll get more sleep.


Policies & Procedures
When it comes to customs, you're never too sure where you stand.


Transport Canada Publishes New HOS Rule
"No surprises" rule takes effect January 1, 2007.


Click. Click. Click.
Next to the alarm clock, a failure in the starting and charging system is the worst sound youýll hear all day.


Winter Proofing
Trucks need a little seasonal prep work before winter sets in.


Drivetrain Spec'ing
Smart spec'ing is the difference between what you want and what you need.


Let’s Do The Twist
Understanding your engine’s torque curves can unlock the key to better fuel economy.


The Shining
Getting your ride ready for the show circuit takes a lot of imagination and a little elbow grease.


Have Your Say
The feds are inviting submissions to modernize the Canada Labour Code, and they want your input.


Trashy Trucking
Who cares if you have an air about you when you come through the door, at least you’re home every night.


The Perks of the Job
The scenery's good and there's not boss looking over your shoulder, but what are the perks that can separate one carrier from another?


Heads or Tails?
Which pays better: $1000 a week at 40¢ a mile, or $1000 per week at 35¢ a mile plus picks, drops, and border crossings?


Expedite and small-shipment carriers are carving a profitable slice out of the general freight world.


A Leap of Faith
Independence means there’s no fallback position.


Fuel Jockeys
Hauling petroleum products isn’t without risk – or reward – but the rewards outweigh the risks, for the right kind of driver.


All the Right Lies
In the U.S., it's all a matter of how you log your time, not what you do with it.


Terms & Conditions
Owner-op contracts define your relationship with a carrier


To the Edge and Back
There’s no textbook solution for success in trucking, so Saskatoon’s Trent Lalonde wrote his own.


The Final Frontier
It’s man and machine against the elements up in northern Quebec and Labrador. For Wayne Baltzer, it’s just another day at the office.


Big Expectations
Churning and turnover cost everyone in trucking a fortune, drivers and companies alike. It's avoidable.


The days of being tossed out the door with a resounding “You’re fired!” are all but over.


Understanding the Canada Labour Code
Is my boss allowed to deduct damages and/or freight claims from my wages?


Understanding the Canada Labour Code
How do you determine your eligibility for paid holidays, and at what rate?


Counting Your Blessings
Comparing carrier pay packages can be profitable work. Then along comes a new rule book.


For Your Eyes Only
On-line employment applications are great for introducing yourself to a carrier. But don’t give away the farm on the first encounter.


Career Path
What drivers have been missing for all these years is a career path. Here’s a pair of opinions about how to fill that void.


We Do Windows
In the world of just-in-time freight, where timing is everything, a 15-minute delivery window is all that separates success from sorrow.


The Facts of Life
Here are some answers to those nagging little questions you don’t always feel comfortable asking.


Broken Brakes?
Previously undetectable flaws in brake system design may cause more accidents than we'd care to know.


Weight and Balance
Loading for maximum axle weight is a science. But in the real world, there are just too many variables to nail every situation.


By the Clock
Our first in-depth look at the new hours-of-service rules in both the U.S. and Canada. Got your learning cap on?


Living Healthy
Tips to help you win the battle of the bulge and improve fitness.


Watch That Ground Pressure
Staying under the legal gross weight is challenge enough. Axleing-out legally is another matter.


The Other Option
Driver-service outfits have a lot to offer, both in terms of opportunity and flexibility.


Haulin' HAZMAT
It's an increasingly difficult job, but if you take to it, you'll end up being a better driver. Much better.


Ice Jockeys
Out here, one day is all it takes to weed out the adventure junkies.


Haulin' Bed Bugs
Household-goods moving is an entirely different kind of trucking.


The Never, Never Plan
Some of the lease-to-own plans out there really do work, but some don't. Here's how to sort them out.


Career Limiting Moves
A few tips to help keep your career on the blacktop.


So You Wanna Be an Owner-Operator?
There's more to it than meets the eye. Here are a few points to consider before taking the leap.


Going to Market
Can you profit from the so-called driver shortage?


Due Diligence
Who can predict what might await you around the next bend in the road?


Dump Trucks
Trading the highway for a hard hat, and maybe a little time off in the winter.


Two by Two
Team driving is a different way of life, and it can be profitable, if you're made that way.


The Next Steps
Pick a career direction and seek the training you'll need to get there.


Why Hire an Accountant?
Would you step over a dollar to pick up a dime?


The job doesn't stop with hiring the driver.


Paving the Way
Put your hard-earned experience to a noble use: make rookies whole.


Beyond the Wheel, Part III
Driver to dispatcher: a logical transition, but not every wannabe is cut from the right cloth.


The Tax Man Cometh
It's time to start planning your 2001 meal-tax strategy.


Beyond the Wheel
There are jobs in trucking besides driving. Here's how to plan your way into one.


Nerves of Steel, Heart of Gold
Nova Scotia driver trainer packs a career's learning into a mere 100 hours.


Tools of the Trade
How to build up a basic toolbox to save yourself a service call.


Going It Alone
Having your own operating authority is enticing, but it's no bed of roses.


Shop Tools
A compelling case for expanding your knowledge base on matters mechanical.


Do-it-Yourself Disaster
The one-man driver service: a scheme or a scam?


Sam's Yer Uncle
But is he your friend? The U.S. Immigration and Naturalization Service takes itself pretty seriously: you should too.


One Step at a Time
How to buy your way into a successful small trucking business. A primer for the owner-operator wannabe.


Freight Focus: Steel Coil Hauling
Big loads, good pay and plenty of opportunity for local work make steel hauling an interesting career option.


The Trip Inspection: Driver Liability
How the first 30 minutes of your shift can affect the rest of your life.


Is This Progress?
Current trip inspection regs are vague and confusing. Ontario's working on it.


Apples & Oranges
How to tell the difference between one carrier's deal and another's.


Freight Focus: Chip Hauling
Chip hauling means maximum cube and maximum gross - half the time.


Freight Focus: Expedited Trucking
It's the expeditors who keep the assembly lines moving when the big guys drop the ball.


Gino's Money Maker
Truck of the Month: fancy iron and an Alberta guy who likes to play in the dirt.


Freight Focus: The Flatdeck World
We peek under the tarp.


What's a Driver Worth?
It's hard to define the value of the work you do. But the pay should be rewarding enough to keep you coming back for more.


Tie-Down Traps
Are you sure you've got the right gear for the job?


So You Wanna be an Owner Operator?, Pt.V
There's more to it than meets the eye. This series of stories will shed the light on the challenges and rewards of owning and operating your own business.


Who's Who, What's What?
How do you tell what they stand for if you don't know who they are?


Words to Live By
Making the owner-operator contract work for you, too.


So You Wanna be an Owner Operator?, Pt.IV
Carrier offerings can get a little confusing. There might more on the table than you realize.


Safe...or Sorry
Fed up with ambiguity over who's got WCB insurance and who hasn't, some shippers are demanding proof of coverage...or you don't load.


Staying Power
There are lots of reasons to leave a carrier, but many more reasons to stay.


So You Wanna be an Owner Operator?, Pt.III
There's more to it than meets the eye. This series of stories will shed a little light on the challenges and rewards of owning and operating your own business.


Neat Gizmos
A few must-have accessories, and they're worth every penny.


Freight Focus: Workin' the Patch
Nothing even comes close to Alberta's oil fields.


My Mentor: A Head Start
Veteran truck driver Greg Swain is an instructor at the Northern Academy of Transport Training in Toronto.


Freight Focus: Grain Hauling
Prairie truckers are finding opportunity in adversity.


So You Wanna be an Owner Operator?, Pt.II
There's more to it than meets the eye. This series of stories will shed a little light on the challenges and rewards of owning and operating your own business.


Safety and Compliance: Mirror Image
No high-tech stuff here, it's just a matter of learning how to use 'em.


Freight Focus: Dry Bulk Hauling
A new meaning to 'no fingerprinting'.


Safety and Compliance: The Rhythm Method Works
Proposed changes to hours-of-service regs may finally let drivers get the sleep they need, when they need it.


Freight Focus: Patience Required
Heavy hauling is tough, challenging work, but the rewards can be considerable.


Then and Now: A Cost Comparison
Costs have been outstripping rates, but by how much?


So You Wanna be an Owner Operator?
There's more to it than meets the eye. This series of stories will shed the light on the challenges and rewards of owning and operating your own business.


School Daze, Pt.IV
So, you wanna be a truck driver...Part 4


Safety and Compliance: Recap This
More on hours of service.


Freight Focus: Portable Parking Lots
Cars certainly don't drive themselves onto dealer lots.


Safety and Compliance: Driver Training? Forget It!
The value of education.


Freight Focus: A Different Breed
Hauling livestock gets into your blood, but you've got to have the right kind of blood.


School Daze, Pt.III
So, you wanna be a truck driver...Part 3


Freight Focus: Automotive Freight
When hauling auto parts, a driver's biggest competitor is often the clock.


School Daze, Pt.II
So you wanna be a truck driver...Part 2


Safety and Compliance: Knowledge Gaps
How do you know what you need to know if you don't know what you don't know?


School Daze
So, you wanna be a truck driver...


Freight Focus: Pickup & Delivery
The P&D driver's job is changing: he's doing more dock work, as well as working more nights and weekends.


The Job Interview
The job interview is a time for you to ask questions too. It might make for a happy long-term relationship.


Yankin' A Tanker
Funny thing about liquid-tank drivers: given a choice, most of them wouldn't do anything else.


Who's Driving Tank?
The face you're likely to see behind the wheel of a tank truck is not the face of the average driver.