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What's the difference between "lease-to-own" and owner-operator? Are they about the same or not?

No, they're not the same.

Typically, as an owner-operator you already have a truck of your own. You
put that truck to work at a motor carrier and agree to work for a certain
rate. You retain control of the truck at all times because you own it.

In a lease-to-own arrangement, the carrier agrees to lease you a truck for a certain payment per month, and there's usually a downpayment involved or a
buy-out at the end of the contract. The carrier almost always retains ownership (and control) of the truck until you have made the final payment with the buy-out.

In these arrangements, it's seldom possible to break the lease and get your
money back. If the work gets slow and your miles are cutback, you won't be
able to leave and go somewhere else. If the relationship between you and the
carrier sours, you're stuck there 'til you pay off the truck. Some carriers
allow a early buy-out, but then you'd probably have to finance the deal
through a bank or finance company.

The thing to remember is, the carrier always controls the deal, and what
ever terms they dream up, you nave no choice but to accept them. If not, they can usually take the truck back, leaving you with nothing.

Generally -- but not always -- these deals are stacked heavily in favor of
the carrier. They're not usually the ones who loose money if things don't
work out.

I'd be real careful going into a deal like this of you don't already have a
terrific working relationship with the carrier.

Jim Park

Will carriers switch to hourly or flat rate pay if EOBRs are mandated?

They're certainly under no obligation to change anything in terms of how drivers are paid. I suspect the carrier response to this will depend on how drivers react. If drivers experience a cut in pay while complying with an EOBR mandate, they might complain about it, or they may not. If drivers don't raise the issue with carriers, carriers are not going to raise it on their own.

So, if drivers want to see the issue of pay addressed, I'd say they had
better make their concerns known to the carrier -- loud and clear. Typically, though, drivers just roll with the punches. It would be nice to see drivers do the right thing for a change and refuse to take this lying down.

Jim Park

Is there a limit to how many lights you can put on your rig?

Technically, you're limited to the requirements described in the DOT regulations. Over the years, drivers have been adding more lights, and the DOT really hasn't dome much about it. There is however, an movement afoot at DOT that would see the lighting requirements more vigorously enforced. Nothing in stone yet, but I've heard they're talking about it.

Jim Park

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