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I've got a question about the driver shortage and a company's responsability. Why is it so hard for a green horn trucker to get in with a good company?
Chris, Saskatoon Sk.

The short answer is to keep knocking on doors and maybe to suggest that
you'd be prepared to promise a carrier at least a year's service if they
agreed to take you on as a team driver or as a shunt driver. It's tough to
get a job with no experience, so the best bet is to trade a bit of your
time for the required experience.

The carriers tell me that it costs a ton of money to train a new driver.
Most new driver will have a few minor accidents within the first year,
bumps and scrapes mostly, but they still cost the carrier money. If the
carrier knows that, while he's absorbing the costs of the mistakes you make
while you're learning, you're going to stay working with him after you've
gone through the learning process, he'll be able to recover
some of those costs in the second or third of your employment.

It's a complicated process, but both drivers and carriers need to realize
that it takes a bit of give and take from both sides.

Good luck...

Jim Park