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Is it hard to drive a tractor trailer? tractor trailer. mbessing@ds2.virtualscape.com wrote: Hello, my name is Pete, and I'm thinking about going to school for CDL class A. Is it that hard to drive a tractor trailer.

I wouldn't say that driving a truck is hard, but it's certainly different from driving a car. First, the truck is much larger and heavier than a car, and whatever you do behind the wheel can have a potentially more devastating impact on those around you.

The thing about driving a truck is that every move requires more planning, and judgment. You've got to know what will happen when you make a particular move, and sometimes you have to understand that making a particular move may endanger your life or someone else's.

Going to a tractor trailer training school is the only way to lear how to drive a truck. The professional
instructors can teach you properly, rather than learning from you great uncle Harry, who will probably teach
you all of his bad habits.

When choosing a school, a reputable school will "screen" you in an attempt to see if you are a suitable
candidate for the training. Some people just don't have the aptitude to drive trucks, and a good school will tell
you so BEFORE they take your hard earned money teaching you a career you just aren't suited for.

So go ahead, talk to a few schools, and ask them yourself if you have what it takes to become a truck driver.
But don't be offended if they say trucking isn't for you. They might just be trying to save you a whole pile of

Jim Park