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I should graduate with my AZ licence on March 30/01. What are some good ways to evaluate prospective employers? I'm new to this industry and don't really know the best questions to ask.
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Congratulations, my friend. You're nearly there, the easy part is just about over. Actually, it's kind of tough to land your first job. Most carriers want experience, but there are a few who are willing to train new graduates. You just have to keep your nose to the ground.

If you go back to the "Careers" section of our website, you'll find a few stories that might help. Look under the heading "Past Stories", then click on School Daze, Parts 1 through 4. They're a good place to start. Then look a little further down the list for a story called "The Job Interview", this one has some helpful hints as well.

The important thing to remember is that employers are looking for commitment from new drivers. The biggest complaint I hear from the carriers is that the new drivers are long on promises of commitment, but as soon as they get a little experience they're off to another carrier who offers bigger, shinier trucks. It'll help a great deal if you stay with the first carrier for a couple of years at least. Remember, they're taking a risk hiring you without any experience, the least you can do is repay them with a reasonable commitment. But don't confuse commitment with obligation. If the carrier abuses you, get out of there and let them know why you're leaving.

Jim Park