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Doing Your Job

I'm an American who has a CDL and I would like to know about career opportunities in Canada.

We get lots of inquiries here from foreign drivers looking for work in Canada. It's not that simple, it seems, to land yourself a job here if you're not a Canadian citizen or a landed immigrant.

The Canadian Human Resources Development department, the Canadian equivalent of the Department of Labor, has yet to deem truck driving as a skill that's in demand by the Canadian economy. Tell that to the Canadian carriers who are having a heck of a time finding drivers.

Actually, there are many unemployed truck drivers in Canada at the present time. Most of these folk, unfortunately, are recently licensed drivers who can't get jobs because they have no experience. The carriers still seem to have a problem investing the finishing training required by these newly licensed drivers.

Foreign drivers wishing to immigrate to Canada require a sponsor already living in Canada, and that sponsor must be a family member. If you have a Canadian relative living in Canada who'll sponsor an immigration application, you can then begin applying for work.

Before you can begin working, you'll then have to get a driver's license from the province in which you decide to settle down. That involves a written and driving test, but if you're a working driver in your home country, the test shouldn't be that difficult.

So, if you still want to try to immigrate to this country, you'll need a relative to sponsor your application for immigration, a job offer and you'll have to pass the driving test.

Good luck.

Jim Park