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Where is a good place to post your resume on the web? Where is a good place to post your resume and to look for driving positions on the web?

You're here, Buddy. HighwaySTAR's recruiting section is one of the best places around to make contact with the carriers who are looking for drivers just like you. And the best part of our site is that you control the flow of information.

We don't ask you to provide sensitive information such as SIN or licence numbers on line. You can pass that along when you're ready to. All the postings to our recruiting site go directly to the carriers you select. Your name doesn't become part of a database that can be bought or sold without your consent. Ever wonder where all that trucking related junk mail comes from? It doesn't come from information you provided in good faith to our recruiting service.

Pick from our list of carriers and send the information to only to the carriers you want to talk to. We respect you!

Jim Park