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I'm am 45 years old, Heavy Duty Mechanic I've also got my Class 1 license and would like to be an o/o. Can you please help me with any info that might make my dream of driving my own rig, and being on the road a possibility.

We sure get lots of e-mail here at highwaySTAR from drivers looking for that first job. Unfortunately, there are no silver-bullet solutions to getting your foot in the door. Persistence really pays off, as does coming to the table with best training you can afford. But what we can offer are some real-world strategies for landing your first job.

Check out the “Past Stories” archive in the Doing Your Job section of our website and look for the “School Daze” series. There’s some useful information in there. As well, check out the series, “So, You Wanna be an Owner Operator.” Those of you looking to make that leap might find something useful.

We also maintain an archive of other useful information in the Past Stories section. Check them out, and if you can’t find something that you need to know, drop us a line and we’ll start doing a bit of research.

Jim Park