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Is there such a thing as a standard carrier-owner-operator contract?

Good question. First of all, there really is no such thing as a "standard" contract between a carrier and an owner-operator. While most fleets draw up their own contracts, most of the content in any contract is pretty similar. And that's the problem.

For someone who isn't used to reading a contract, what they're offering and then holding you to in the contract isn't always that obvious. There are usually a number of clauses dealing with termination of the agreement, for example, which can make an untimely departure a pretty expensive mistake on your part. It's always best to have a lawyer review any contract before you sign it, just to protect yourself.

If you go back into the past stories link in the Careers section, you'll find a good story about owner-operator contracts called "Words to Live By." It describes the basics and tells you what to watch out for. Just click here.

Jim Park