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Doing Your Job

I was working on a broker's truck, had a minnor accient. The broker still wants me driving this truck, but the company says "no". Where should I go or what should I do?

Unfortunately, the company holds all the cards on this one. They're under no obligation to keep the truck working if they aren't satisfied with the
driver, you, in this case. Your broker might resent the fact that he's losing money because of you, or he might decide to leave the carrier and take you with him to another job. I hate to say it, but I don't think you have any choice but to plan to move on. Your relationship to the carrier is through the broker, and the broker has no 'rights' what so ever except under the terms and conditions of the contract. The contract probably contains several 'reason to terminate' clauses. I'd check those out before you bail, but that's really your only hope. Sorry.

Jim Park