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Is it possible for an insullin-dependent diabetic to get a waiver permitting him to run international freight, even if he is on two needles a day?

There is a report on the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration website that seems to suggest that driver who develop certain forms of diabetes after having been certified to operate a commercial motor vehicle are eligible to continue driving provided certain criteria are met. We’ve include a brief reference below, but for complete details, please see the following URL, AND consult your physician regarding the actual qualifications for the waiver.

“Four task force papers which carefully review the administrative rule with reference to advances in the care of diabetes since 1970 are contained in this report. The papers have been reviewed by the task forces and discussed at a plenary session. Following further in-depth discussion by members of the Steering Committee, these recommendations are made:

1 Certified commercial driven who develop diabetes mellitus after driving for five (5) Years
and who require insulin therapy may continue to be certified on an annual basis if they
meet certain criteria.

2. Persons with diabetes mellitus who use insulin and who have no demonstrated
history of safety on the highway as commercial driven are not eligible for certification.”

Please see this site for information.

There are two different reports on driver fitness and medical qualifications regarding insulin-dependent diabetes.
Jim Park