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Do you know where I can find info on costs for Canadian fleets?

If you think it's hard to find out about rates, costs are even worse. Many fleets regard their operating costs as trade secrets, and since there are so many variables, it's would be extremely difficult to compare one fleet to another anyway. There are issues like technology that might help one fleet do a better job of equipment utilization, but if that fleet had a unionized work force, for example, its labour costs might be higher than a non-union company. You can see where I'm going here.

If you're interested in the ball park cost of running a truck, any truck, a mile down the road, and reliable figure would be about $1.30 per mile. But again, it'll vary anywhere from $1.10 for a well managed fleet in a local or regional operation, to $1.50 or more for an owner-operator in long-haul service.

Jim Park