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Doing Your Job

When you consider the impact that the trucking industry has on the country, why can't trucking companies organize themselves to improve the industry and quality of life for it's drivers. Why can't they get together?

The main problem, if you want to call it a problem, is competition. Trucking companies are in business to make money. Period. In the process, they hire drivers and other staff but the carriers aren’t in business to satisfy your quality of life issues.

Competition tends to keep rates lower rather than higher, and trucking is intensely competitive. Where it all stops is with the driver. If the driver decides that the job no longer satisfies the income needs, quality of life issues, and career potential, then votes with his or her feet, than the carriers would have much less latitude in lowering rates. They just wouldn’t have the help willing to work for a rate that doesn’t meet all the cost demands.

If you want to improve your own position with your carrier, then you need to understand how your willingness to give up so much time, free, and to refuse to fix all the mistakes that get made (customs, scheduling, etc.) on your on time.

The carriers will respond to your demands only when they feel some real pressure from the drivers to make the appropriate changes.

Jim Park