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Isn't it rather foolish for drivers to work in teams so that carriers can nearly double their productivity, yet SPLIT the pay? Why shouldn’t both drivers get paid, since the companies are getting the extra cash from the extra freight hauled?

I guess it all depends on how you do the math. If a team trucks runs 20,000 miles a month, and the two drivers split 50¢ per mile, the drivers earn $10,000, that's split $5000 each for the month's work. Now, if a single driver earns 40¢ per mile, and drives 10,000 miles, he or she earns $4000. Which way is the driver better off?

Carriers don't necessarily earn more money per mile for team operations, although they should, they make more money because they run more miles. That's not always the case, but from the driver's point of view, miles equal money, and the more miles, the more money. The do double their productivity, and increase their earnings, though seldom by double the amount.

Jim Park