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Driving is a career or business for many of us, but it's not all we do with our lives. In this section you will be able to find stories, tips and advice that speak to the whole driver. We'll be bringing in experts who can talk about health and family, serious and fun stuff, and we want to include your stories, too!

Truck Stop Lonely
When you've been on the road for more than two weeks, getting home for the weekend becomes a driver's top priority.

More Power to You
The move to electrify more parking spaces is good news for the environment and for drivers. Now if we only had more parking spaces!

Driver's Aid
Trucking skills come in handy for Montreal driver's humanitarian work around the world.

You Can't Get There From Here

Where is it?

A.G. Dimitrieff of Sprucedale, Ont. correctly guessed the location of the unique lake in our last contest. The aptly named Spotted Lake is about nine kilometres west of Osoyoos, Alberta on Crowsnest Highway (Highway 3). It was originally known to the First Nations of the Okanagan Valley as Khiluk. They considered it a sacred site for the healing properties of the minerals it contains. It has the world's highest concentrations of minerals, including epsom salts, calcium, magnesium and many other trace minerals. In the summer, the water evaporates and crystallizes, making the white-ringed spots visible.

Where is it?

As for this month’s photo, check out this architectural wonder – easily seen from a major Canadian highway. Can you tell us where it is?

Send your guess as to where this month's photo was taken, and we'll enter your name in the draw for one of 10 highwaySTAR hats. We'll accept entries up to the end of the month. Please make sure to give us all the information we'll need to get the hat to you in the mail.


How important is truck cleanliness to you? Is a clean truck a happy truck? Who’s the most obsessively clean driver you know?  Or are you a slob in the cab?  Tell us your attitude toward a clean working environment. We’re working on a story about it for a future issue of Highway Star.

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Can't Get There From Here
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  • HOS controversy just won't go away
  • Television looking for world's toughest driver.
  • EcoMotors' OPOC is a potential game-changing engine.

Questions & Answers

I found road rage to be effecting my driving and also my mood. What if anything can I do to cool down and think instead of becoming more involved in an emotional problem?

Distance. Get away from it by stopping or turning the other way. Backing down from a confrontation is the best way to ensure it doesn't get any worse. Go for a coffee. have a short nap. Do anything but don't get involved. I know it's more easily said then done, but really, it's the only way. Distance.
Jim Park

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