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Summertime Dreams

by Jim Park

Summer 2001 was certainly a season to remember. With no fewer that a dozen big-league truck shows on the calendar between June 1st. and Labor Day, it seems that Canada has caught chrome fever in a big way. We made it out to eleven of the shows this year, but we'll do better in 2002. From Moncton, N.B., to Grimshaw Alta., and lots of other places in between, drivers, owner-ops and their families came out the gatherings in numbers.

It was good to see that kind of enthusiasm in a climate dominated by economic uncertainty. The truck manufacturing sector may be in a tailspin, but the folks who steer and gear big trucks seem to be doing all right.

So, as a tribute to the success of the summer show season, here's a photo-montage of some of the dazzling hardware and friendly folks we met over the summer. Three months, 11 shows and hundreds of great looking pictures: here are a few reminders of Summer, 2001.

1) Titan Transport owner-op, Rodger Nelson: three, count'em, three first place finishes at Performance with Pride in Saskatoon.

2) A dyed-in-the-wool long-hauler gets his ride ready for the judges.

3) The June rain in Paris, Ont. didn't keep everybody home. Ex-country music star, Terry Sumsion, got top honors for his soft-side combo at Truckfest.

4) Bigger and brighter than ever. Fergus drew more than 40,000 fans and 460 trucks. When will it ever stop?

5) Jim Provost, left, took home best company truck, best 1996 - 1998 working truck and best fleet (3 - 5 trucks). A good weekend at Brigden.

6) Fourteenth Avenue Cartage scored big at Brigden, too. Left to right: Peter O'Brien, Jim Paisley, Randy Elridge, and Dennis Robinson.

7) Murray Kloosterman reflects on his victory: people's choice and grand champ at Carp

8) Mike Charters had a little help from the crew; sons Kristopher and Keith.

9) Palmerston was a real family affair. No competition here, just a ton of great looking hardware and plenty of happy kids.

10) First time show-and-shiners Laurie and Jody Laroue, with One Last Ride. Their 2000 Freightliner XL Classic turned heads all weekend long at Rodeo du Camion.

11) Lloyd Charlton had the hood open in Moncton, and the judges noticed his spotlessly clean and neatly decorated Detroit 60 Series. Power to the ponies.

12) The whole famn damily from Grimshaw. A tight-knit crew who do more with less than you can imagine. Winners one and all, and a great weekend too.

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