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by Rolf Lockwood

One of the guiding principles here at highwaySTAR is that we aim to provide you with information you can really take to the bank. Over the past two years and a bit, we've done some pretty useful stories of a technical nature, plus a few on business matters that'll actually help put dough in your jeans. We've also written about a variety of different career opportunities for drivers and owner-operators.

This index is a guide to what we've done in the past. It's intended as a reference for you to check out what you missed or to help you find it in your collection of past issues. You can also order reprints. We can provide re-prints of any past article in a PDF file via e-mail, or we can print out and mail you a copy as well. Either way, we'll charge you $5.00, for any reasonable number of articles or pages. We're also prepared to reprint any article in bulk if there's enough demand from carriers, our suppliers or any groups or associations that might want them. Pricing in that case will depend on many factors, so please enquire.

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Here's the list, broken down by department and title, in order of the date published:

Careers/Freight Focus

Yankin' a Tanker - Most tank-truck drivers wouldn't do anything else. Find out why. (September 1999)

The Reefer Game - A great job, if you can keep your cool. (October 1999)

On the Streets - The P&D driver's job is changing. There's more dock work, more nights and weekends, too. (November 1999)

Load'er Up; Chain'er Down - A peek under the tarp that covers the flatbed business. (January 2000)

Wheels of Commerce - Hauling auto parts means tight schedules and staying a little closer to home. (February 2000)

A Different Breed - It takes a different pair of boots to haul livestock. (March 2000)

Portable Parking Lots - Moving the cars from the factories to the dealer lots. (April 2000)

Patience Required - Heavy-haul is tough, challenging work, but it has its rewards. (May 2000)

Suckin' and Blowin' - Hauling dry-bulk tanks offers a new dimension to a no-fingerprint load. (June 2000)

Seed Money - Lots more prairie grain now moves by truck. Here's a look at the ins and outs of grain hauling in western Canada. (July 2000)

Workin' the Patch - There's no life quite like moving oil rigs in northern Alberta. (August 2000)

Men on a Mission - A look into the world of the emergency freight carriers: the expeditors. (December 2000)

The Big-Bellied Boys - Wood-chip hauling means maximum cube and maximum gross weight, half the time. (January 2001)

The Heavy-Hitters - Steel coils: big loads, big bucks and plenty of time at home. (February 2001)

Halifax Rocks - A look at intermodal trucking at the Port of Halifax. (April 2001)

Careers/Job Issues

Cargo Theft: A Driver's Problem - Here are a few tips for safeguarding your cargo and your livelihood - maybe even your life. (October 1999)

Staying Power - There are lots of reasons to leave a carrier, but many more reasons to stay if you really think about it. (September 2000)

Safe or Sorry - Some shippers are now demanding proof of WCB coverage. Are you adequately covered? (October 2000)

Words to Live By - Making the owner-operator contract work for you. (November 2000)

Apples and Oranges - Comparing carrier pay packages to find the better deal. (March 2001)

One Step at a Time - Buying your way into a successful small trucking business, one used truck at a time. (May 2001)

Sam's Yer Uncle - Sorting out the U.S. Immigration and Naturalization department's interpretation of what Canadian drivers can do in the U.S. (June 2001)

Do-it-Yourself Disaster - Are the single-source driver services a profitable little scheme or a dangerous and expensive scam? (July 2001)

Parking Lot Pirates - Understanding what the crooks are after makes it easier to slow them down. (August 2001)

Shop Tools - It's in your best interest to delve deeper into what goes on in the shop. (August 2001)

Going it Alone - Having your own operating authority can be enticing, but it's no bed of roses. (September 2001)

Beyond the Wheel - There are plenty of jobs in trucking; here's how to plan your way into one. (October 2001)

Beyond the Wheel, part II - Becoming a driver trainer can put your hard-earned skill to good use. (November 2001)

Beyond the Wheel, part III - Moving into the dispatcher's chair. (December 2001)

Spec'ing it Right

Fuel Yes, Water No - A spec'ing guide to help you select the right water separator. (October 1999)

Tired of Shifting - An introduction to the next-generation gearbox: the automated manual. (December 1999)

The Challenge of Direct Drive - You'll need to tread carefully on that throttle pedal if you've got a big motor and a direct-drive transmission. (December 1999)

Auxiliary Braking - Compression brakes, exhaust brakes, even magnetic brakes. Whoa power comes in many different forms. (January 2000)

Quiet, Please - There's more to your exhaust system than chrome pipes. (February 2000)

You Wanna Spec What? - Low engine speed is a good thing, right? Only to a point. (March 2000)

Your Office Chair - There's more to a truck seat than just a good ride. (April 2000)

Length Matters - Why long-stroke brake chambers are one of the best ideas to come down the pike since the invention of the slack adjuster. (May 2000)

Lube Filters - There isn't much that's more important than keeping your engine oil clean. (June 2000)

Drivelines - Spec'd carefully, driveshafts and U-joints will last for ages. (August 2000)

Heaters - Burn less fuel while keeping your engine and your backside toasty and warm. (September 2000)

Headache Racks - Keeping yourself out of harm's way. Big protection if you spec properly. (December 2000)

Diesel's Future - Diesel engines seem to be public enemy #1, but technology is coming to the rescue. (January 2001)

Shake, Rattle and Break - Take care when spec'ing a replacement clutch. The cheap retrofit can backfire in a big expensive way. (March 2001)

Drive Axles - Spec'ing your rears is largely a matter of finding the right ratio. (April 2001)

Your Next Diesel - What will the 2002 emission standards mean to your next engine? (June 2001)

Nice Wheels - Spec'ing your next set of wheels might be a little more complicated than you think. (July 2001)

Lube Economics - Mineral-based oils versus synthetic: the debate rages on. (September 2001)

The Wonders of ABS - There's nothing quite like being able to stop in a straight line. (November 2001)

Shop Talk

Clean it Up - Most wheel failures start with plain old dirt. (March 2001)

Designer Colors - Coolant additives and formulations do make a difference. (April 2001)

Grease it Yourself - A guide to the do-it-yourself grease job. (May 2001)

Tire Management - Tips on managing one of the big-three maintenance costs. (October 2001)

The Tool Box

A Battery Primer - How to keep your batteries in top condition and ready to get you going. (December 1999)

Stay Tuned - Keeping that CB tweaked and tuned isn't all that difficult. Here's a few tips. (January 2000)

Brake Myths Dispelled - Understanding your air-brake system. Just the facts. (April 2000)

Pampering Your Tires - Pick the right tire for the job, look after it, and it'll look after you. (June 2000)

Oil 101 - Understanding engine oil grades and classifications (July 2000)

Neat Gizmos - A few clever ideas that'll actually save you a little dough. (August 2000)

Early Warning - Oil analysis is a cheap way to really save your bacon. (January 2001)

Trailer Gremlins - Solving trailer lighting problems by systematically tracking them down. (June 2001)

Pass the Soap - What to look for in a truck wash. (November 2001)

The Hardware Store

It's About Value - Steering clear of the used trucks everybody else wants will keep the price down. (October 1999)

Air-Intake Systems - Your engine appreciates clean air, and it makes for a healthy wallet too. (November 1999)

Torque Rules - An easy-to-understand explanation of the importance of torque. It matters more than horsepower, really. (January 2000)

Stop Now! - Air disc brakes are making a bit of a comeback. Are they for you? (February 2000)

Business Matters

Going Digital - Viewing computers as an opportunity rather than a challenge is just the first step. (October 1999)

Seek and Ye Shall Find - The job interview is a time for you to ask questions too. (November 1999)

Driving for Dollars - Real-world, practical, tried-and-true advice on how to save yourself about $15,000 a year! (March 2000)

Know Thy Costs - A guide for determining your cost per mile. (April 2000)

How to Buy Fuel - Understanding pricing and taxes can save money on your single biggest cost input. (January 2001)

It's What You Keep - Some tax-saving techniques for owner-operators. (February 2001)

Wilkinson's Meal Tax Victory - The story that broke the meal tax issue open, once and for all. (March 2001)

Run Smarter, Not Harder - How today's costs can eat up tomorrow's profits, long before you ever earn them. (March 2001)

Me, Inc. - A thousand good reasons to consider incorporating. (April 2001)

It's All in the Plan - A business plan will really help in the search for truck financing. (April 2001)

Working the Tax Angles - How to manage your next meal-tax claim. (May 2001)

The Bottom Line - A broad look at driver pay, from a very comprehensive survey. (August 2001)

Tough Choices - A look at the proposed changes to Canada's hours-of-service regulations. (October 2001)

Techno Talk

Finding Your Way - A guide to mapping software and a few gizmos that will keep you on the straight and narrow. (November 1999)

Programming Power - When it comes to engine programming, you can have it your way. (June 2000)

Power Inverters Mean Home Comforts - A low-cost option for bringing a few of the conveniences of home out on the road. (November 2000)

Trucking 202

Tie-Down Traps - Make sure you've got the right gear for the job. A guide to ratings and load limits for common cargo securement devices. (October 2000)

Keep Your Cool - The nearly forgotten art of downhill braking. (February 2001)

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