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The Shining

by Jim Park

Two new show and shine events, in Saskatoon and Toronto, ended a great season of blinding chrome and extreme glamour. The ball started rolling last May in Grimshaw, Alta., with the Black Gold Truck Rodeo, moving east to Saskatchewan, Manitoba, and then Ontario. There were more local shows all over the country, including one in St. John's, Nfld., leading up to two really big affairs in Fergus, Ont., and Notre-Dame-du-Nord, Que.

The first-time effort in Saskatoon drew nearly 5000 spectators, and shortly afterward came the new Truck World 2000 on Toronto's lakeshore on Sept. 14. Now Canada's premiere trade show, having replaced Truckcan, it seems, it also featured a show and shine event. It attracted 54 trucks and quite a few wide-eyed spectators, many of whom also partied on Friday night to a great dance band called Nick and the Nice Guys at a shindig thrown by Western Star Trucks and highwaySTAR at Ontario Place.

But let's go back to Winnipeg to this year's inaugural Performance with Pride event in early June. It drew such a response from the growing ranks of truck show enthusiasts in western Canada that the organizers were invited - challenged, really - to stage a similar event in Saskatoon. They did, making the show coincide with the city's annual Cruise Weekend on Aug. 26-27, a classic car show that's been held at Saskatoon Place every year since 1982.

The public was obviously impressed. They danced to April Wine on Saturday night, right after the trucks put on their light-show display. Mike MacDonald, a local independent operator, said the crowds were so thick around the trucks that the judges had a hard time standing back from each display to have a good look at the whole presentation.

MacDonald has recently become a show and shine enthusiast, and said he was thrilled that a show of this caliber had finally made it out to the prairies. "There are all kinds of really great looking trucks around here. But until now we've never really had a chance to show them off," he says. "I'll be back next year with about 100 other guys."

He placed first in the 2000 or newer bobtail category, first in Overall Bobtail, third in Engines, third in Graphics, and he carted home the Participant's Choice prize as well. He's shown his gorgeous yellow and purple Pete at a few American events, and qualified for the 2001 Shell Super Rigs Calendar.

The Performance with Pride organizing team (Clarence B. Falk, Brenda Nieukerk, and Elmer Hanson) is planning three events for 2001: in Winnipeg, Saskatoon, and Calgary. Any suggestions, comments or questions can be directed to Clarence Falk at CBF Trucking Ltd. (1-800-229-8713) or Brenda Nieukerk at Without A Hitch (204-783-6851, or by e-mail at brenda@withoutahitch.com).

Back in Toronto, the Truck World Show and Shine was full of quality trucks, including some of the heaviest hitters - Falk and Larry Dyck from Winnipeg, Mike Duffy of Windsor, Ont., and Marcel Pontbriand from Notre Dame du Nord, Que., all of whom took home multiple awards.

There were many other notables, like the super clean 1998 Kenworth of Mike Hluschuk out of Kingston, Ont. Up against some of the big boys, he took well deserved thirds in both Paint (right behind Dyck and Duffy) and Conventional Combination, 1984-1998. Alan Eadie and his monster 2000 Kenworth tow truck, complete with crane, and Ross Winson with his lovely 2001 Peterbilt car hauler, followed the Jade Transport Peterbilt in the Specialty Class.

The show season may be over in Canada, but there's still a couple of events in the offing south of the border. And both Mike Duffy and Larry Dyck will be there. They can't wait to compete again, with more chrome and more lights, as they continually raise the ante.

Performance with Pride, Saskatoon

People's Choice Award - Andy Zary (Antique, Non-working)
Participants Choice Award - Mike MacDonald
Bobtail, Less than 50,000 miles - Clint Lucyshyn, Tri-Cal Trucking
Bobtail, '96 to '98 - Chester Mallow, C. Mallow Transport Ltd.
O/O Combo, 2000 - Wade Christensen, Martin's Vegetables
O/O Combo, Less than 50,000 miles - Mike Bondar,
Two Bills 2000 Transportation
O/O Combo, 1999 - Jamie Hewett, Jamie Hewett Trucking
O/O Combo, '92 to '94 - Kevin Brockman
Company Bobtail - Dave Tyrchniewicz, Turk Transport
Company Combo - Qhen Lang, Weymor Advant Express Inc.
Specialized - Malcolm White, Allied Systems
Lights - Kevin Brockman
Mural - Alan Clayton, Lonesome Trucking
Engine - Andy Zary
Non-OEM Interior - Mike MacDonald
OEM Interior - Jamie Hewett, Jamie Hewett Trucking

Truck World 2000 Show and Shine, Toronto

Best of Show - Mike Duffy, Mike Duffy's Trucking, 1989 International
People's Choice - Brent Kurtz, Brian Kurtz Trucking, 1968 Kenworth
Participants' Choice - Larry Dyck, Jade Transport, 1987 Peterbilt
Conventional Combo, '99 or Newer - Clarence Falk,
CBF Trucking, 1999 Peterbilt
Conventional Combo, '84 to '98 - J.S. Crawford & Son,
1996 Freightliner
Conventional Bobtail, '99 or Newer - Larry Davis, 2001 Freightliner
Conventional Bobtail, '84 to '98 - Neil Molenaar, 1985 Peterbilt
Conventional Bobtail, '75 to '83 - Roy Curran Transport, 1977 Peterbilt
Cabover Bobtail - John Camposeo, 1978 Freightliner
Company Combination - Terry Poll, Steelcase Canada, 2000 Peterbilt
Company Bobtail - Mike Duffy
Antique, Non-Working - McArthur Express, 1929 Ford
Antique, Working - Brent Kurtz
Specialty Class - Larry Dyck
Best Engine - Larry Dyck
Best Paint, Non-Mural - Larry Dyck
Best Paint, Mural - Marcel Pontbriand, Transport Marfranc,
1996 Freightliner
Best OEM Sleeper - Neil Molenaar
Best Interior, Excluding Sleeper - Mike Duffy
Best Aftermarket Sleeper Interior - Marcel Pontbriand

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