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I always log 15 minutes on duty/not driving for all fuel stops, deliveries, and pickups. Some of my co-drivers only flag fuel stops, what is the correct way according to DOT regulations?

According to the DOT regulations (U.S. and Canadian) all non-driving work-related activity is to be logged as on-duty/not driving. On-duty/not driving includes the following:

"On-duty time" means the period that begins when a driver commences work or is required by the motor carrier to be available to work and ends when the driver stops work or is relieved of responsibility by the motor carrier, and includes driving time and time spent by the driver:

(a) inspecting, servicing, repairing, conditioning or starting a commercial vehicle,

(b) traveling in the commercial vehicle as one of two drivers, where the driver is not resting in the sleeper berth,

(c) participating in the loading or unloading of a commercial vehicle,

(d) inspecting or checking the load of a commercial vehicle,

(e) waiting, at the request of the motor carrier by whom the driver is employed or otherwise engaged, for a commercial vehicle to be serviced, loaded or unloaded,

(f) waiting for a commercial vehicle or load to be inspected at a customs office or weighing check-point,

(g) traveling as a passenger in a commercial vehicle, at the request of the motor carrier by whom the driver is employed or otherwise engaged, to a destination where the driver will commence driving time, if the driver has not had eight consecutive hours of off-duty time immediately after arriving at the destination point,

(h) waiting at an en route point because of an accident or other unplanned occurrence or situation,

(i) resting in or otherwise occupying a commercial vehicle, except time spent resting in a sleeper berth,

(j) performing any other work in the capacity of a motor carrier or driver who is employed or otherwise engaged by a motor carrier, or

(k) performing any work for compensation for any non-motor carrier entity.

On other words, any time spent doing something other than driving must be logged as on-duty/not driving. Drivers who do otherwise, risk fines and penalties for falsifying their logs – since you asked.

Jim Park

With more and more [automated] trannies coming on the market, wouldn't you think that there would be more incompetent drivers on the road? Handling the tranny makes up for at least 50% of driving the truck.

Interesting observation. Some would argue that removing a factor that demands so much of a driver’s attention would produce a less distracted driver, and a potentially safer driver. There are others who suggest that the manual dexterity required to manage a multi-speed non-synchronized transmission is a factor that prevents many people from ever considering a career in trucking.

Take away the anxiety created by the transmission, and you open up the profession to a whole new crowd of people. Whether they are competent or not remains to be seen, but I’d hardly say that someone who has difficulty managing a transmission wouldn’t make a navigator, traffic manager, customer service manager, etc. There’s clearly more to driving truck than just driving the truck, or at least just shifting gears.

Jim Park

Do you think that eventually all heavy trucks will be equipped with automatic transmissions? Will a standard-shift tranny become an option?

Certainly as the technology evolves, automated transmissions will become more prevalent, and with the changing nature of the workforce, more and more younger drivers will probably indicate a preference for the stickless transmissions, and that will drive their market share upward over time. I doubt the manual transmission will disappear entirely any time soon, but we will see an increase in the use of automated gearboxes.

I say automated instead of automatic because there is a difference.

An automatic transmission uses a torque converter instead of a clutch, and it employs a different kind of shifting mechanism. An automated transmission is actually a manual gearbox that uses a pair of servo motors to shift the gears instead of the driver using the gear shift. Later generations of automated transmissions have also done away with the traditional clutch, or at least the clutch pedal. The technology now allows the clutch to be operated automatically and controlled electronically, or they use a slightly different kind of clutch altogether, but there's still a mechanical separation of the flywheel and the input shaft on the tranny.

Jim Park

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