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Driving is something we all take seriously! In this section we will bring you useful information about trucks and trucking that is geared to making your job easier and more rewarding. We're going to be assembling a panel of experts who can answer your driving-related questions – from spec'ing to maintenance.

So Far, So Good
Are the latest diesels good news or bad? You might be surprised by our informal survey

A game-changing engine?
The Opposed-Piston/Opposed-Cylinder engine could be in the field in two or three years.

Like it or not, you'll soon be running a 2% biodiesel blend in your truck. Is that a good thing?

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  • Television looking for world's toughest driver.
  • EcoMotors' OPOC is a potential game-changing engine.

Questions & Answers

I have been a driver for 9 years, and recently I have been getting a feeling of losing my balance when driving over bridges like the George Washington. How would I go about getting some professional help without having to worry about losing my job?

You're in a rather delicate position, Dave. On one hand, you need to get the problem treated. You've got a social responsibility not to be putting the motoring public at risk due to some possible medical condition. On the other hand, if you report the condition to your doctor, he or she would be obliged to contact the ministry to notify them of the potential hazard with respect to your medical qualifications if he or she feels your condition presents an imminent threat to the safe operation of the truck.

If I were you, I'd go to the doctor. You license may be suspended, but at least nobody get hurt.
Jim Park

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