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Have you heard anything about a court case in London Ont. where the Judge dismissed the charges of pulling a 53' trailer with a tractor that had a wheelbase over 244 inches.?

There was a court case that was argued and won on an interpretation of what qualifies as "automobiles."

The intent of the law, as it's written, is to exempt automobile carrying trailers and trucks from the standard length restrictions. Parking lots, as you know, are longer than most other trucks, and the tractor portions are considerably longer than 244 inches.

So, some clever chap went to court saying that, since van and flat deck trailers can also be used to transport automobiles, they too should be freed from the length restrictions. The judge agreed, in that particular case, and dismissed the charges.

It was hardly a precedent setting case, however. Similar defenses have been tried, some won and some lost, but there's no sign of anyone talking about changing the regulations.

It's generally the fleet boys who tug on the regulator's sleeves when it comes to changing the rules. And not many fleets are in any hurry to spend any of their political capital on an issue that is more of a concern to owner operators.

Jim Park