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In the "All the Right Lies" article, (Oct. 2004 Issue): Does example 5a, where the driver was on duty for 2 hours, drives for 5 hours, goes off duty for three, then drives for an additional 5 hours, not put him in violation of the 14 hour rule by 2 hours?

Ah yes, similar, but not identical. The difference between the two is the split sleeper provision.

In example 5a, the driver has used two sleeper periods (three hours and seven hours), whereas in example 6, the driver has taken only one sleeper period. From the DOT's perspective, this driver is working under the 14-hour rule. The driver in 5a is working under the split sleeper provision.

It's a subtle difference, but one that could cost you a ton of dough.

Jim Park

We use a satellite communications system, and I would like to know if DOT auditors are using these records to check logbooks.

The DOT can and frequently does use the data from satellite communications systems to establish time markers from which they make comparisons to the driversí logged time. But thatís not to say it happens all the time.

This is a really sensitive issue for carriers as they maintain the data is thereís and thereís alone, and not to be shared with anyone. The DOT has tried to say differently, but so far, the DOT hasnít launched a court challenge to the accepted practice of allowing the carrier to keep the data private.

That data could be subpoenaed at any time, and in the event of a civil litigation arising from an accident, the plaintiffís lawyers frequently do use court orders to gain access to the satellite records. The DOT could also use the same approach with a particularly blatant case of logbook fraud.

For the most part, the records are safe from prying eyes, but itís certainly not entirely out of reach.

Jim Park

My partner and I have been driving team for a company for three months and we have yet to be paid. And, weíve been told we have to Interstate as well. What can we do to get our pay?

You say you've been waiting three months for a pay cheque? I'd say you've waited about two and a half months too long. As an employee, you have a right to expect to be paid on time, as per whatever arrangements were made when you were hired. I'd be to the Labor Board complaining long and loud, and don't worry about hurting any feelings. That's not a job you should be going back to anyway.

As for the Interstating complaint, unless you want to go to the U.S. Immigration and Naturalization Service (INS) with the problem, I doubt anyone here in Canada will listen. You haven't broken any Canadian rules. Beware, however, that complaining to INS could result in charges being laid against you as well. By doing what you were told to do, you're as guilty as the carrier in the eyes of the INS.

Jim Park

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