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CBP introduces new container sealing procedure
Source: Today's Trucking

WASHINGTON, (Sept. 5, 2005) -- U.S. Customs and Border Protection officers have begun using a high-security bolt, ISO/PAS 17712, as the exclusive means of securing all containerized cargo they physically examine or inspect.

According to Customs broker Livingston International, this new policy will apply to all cargo arriving, departing or transiting the U.S. by land or sea and shipped in an enclosed container or trailer. Customs officers will apply the high-security seal to the container or trailer immediately after completing their examination or inspection.

Empty containers or trailers and shipments which are screened solely using imaging technology are exempt from this new policy, however.

U.S. Customs will inform the appropriate parties of the container or trailer number that has been inspected and the high-security seal number used to secure the cargo, Livingston reports. Carriers may still affix their own seal. However, the Customs installed seal must not be removed, replaced or manipulated in anyway. The high security seals may be removed by the importer upon receipt of the goods.

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