Life and Family

Doing Your Job

Never Say Never
Gord Hyde didnýt plan to earn a living as an owner-op, but heýs made a darned good showing anyway.


Northern Exposure
One veteran driverýs rookie adventure hauling on ice roads.


Their Lucky Star
Merv Connolly has a knack, it seems, for being in the right place at the right time.


Well Done, Buddy!
Three Canadians won Trucker Buddy of the Month honors in 2004.


Probing The Prostate
Prostate cancer is the number one cancer threat to the lives and health of Canadian men.


The Road Hammers
Jason McCoy’s latest project picks up where Dave Dudley left off.


Paul Brandt the trucker and Paul Brandt the singer resurrect a C&W; classic.


Go'in Places
Long-haul Owner-op Johanne Couture has mapped out a future in a business she has grown to love.


The next 52 weeks will be interesting, to say the least.


Her Younger Days
Jeff Young’s two-million-mile Pete 359 shows no sign of letting its third owner down.


Evening the Odds
Winter driving is a challenge, but it’s manageable if you approach it properly.


Standing on Principle
Beamsville, Ontario's Roger Perry is living proof that nice guys needn't finish last.


Good Times
Four great shows made July a fun month


Small Towns, big trucks
Minden and Carp feature excellent local talent and small town hospitality.


The First of the Year
Palmerston and Brigden were the first stops on the tour. And what a weekend to kick off the 2004 show season.


highwaySTAR of the Year
Alberta's Rene Robert was born and raised in Quebec and nowadays he pulls freight for an Ontario-based carrier. Could we have found a more 'national' winner?


Tornado Chaser
René Robert is Canada’s first 'highwaySTAR of the Year'. And for very good reason.


Going His Own Way
Merlin Jay figures having your own authority is the way to.


Street’s Machine
You don’t find many trucks like this one around anymore. And it’s all original-spec.


Twist, Rattle & Shake
An exclusive behind-the-scenes look at what happens between the drawing board and the showroom.


Boy, Oh Boyer
Whoever said good guys always finish last was wrong. Or he didn’t know Pierre Boyer.


The Road Ahead
Our economy is growing but will insurance issues, border security measures, and new hours-of-service rules mean we can't take advantage?


Extreme Trucking
What could possibly compare to steering 350,000 lb of steel and wood down the side of a mountain?


Head Turner
Happy-go-lucky Silvo Ostronic has a passion for stretched Pete 359s.


Alberta Prize
They could do without the payments, but Dave and Dorothy O’Donnell’s first new truck is worth it.


And the Winners Are…
Here’s our roundup of the summer’s two biggest shows — Fergus and Rodeo du Camion.


Million Miler Plus
Last month's cover featured Brain Steckleys and his fasmily. This time we'll look at his amazing Kenworth.


Family Time
This year’s crop of summer shows began with a wonderfully relaxed affair in Palmerston, Ont., and an exciting weekend of tractor pulls in Brigden, Ont.


Unity 1 Turns 7
Still turning heads, even after half a million miles.


Man On a Mission
Jim Carne may not be God's gift to a 13-speed, but he makes up for it in other ways.


My Mentor
When Merv Orr died in February, we lost a piece of history.


Thankyou, Trucking
Back in 1948, the road between Toronto and Fort William was quite an experience.


Slow and Steady
Winnipeg's Jack Webster approaches business and trucking the same way.


Tonka Boy
Dan Lubberts combines good business sense, flair, and a love of trucks that goes way, way back.


Smilin' George
An ordinary Winnipeg guy proves that trucking and success can go hand in hand.


Senior Partners
Claude and Shirley Sprott are Atlantic drivers of the year after 32 years on the road together.


Heavy Metal, Heavy Workload
Steel-hauler Mike Cheslock admits he's a bit over the top with polishing all those wheels.


Fortune Smiling...
Jeff Fortune's 18 prizes in five shows over two years: not a bad start for our truck show rookie.


The Big Ones!
Fergus and Rodeo continue to pack in the fun and the glitter.


Peak Performance
Ryan and Canepa set records, Molly Morter wins rookie award at Pikes Peak.


Showin' Their Stuff
Minden, Carp, and Brandon: small towns with big appetites for fun.


The Fortress of Louisbourg
No room on the boat? No problem. A fascinating journey through time awaits just a few miles away.


Show Tour 2002
The first shows of the season: weaker numbers but strong fields of contenders.


The Mad Hatter of Newfoundland
Tom Jackman is one of highwaySTAR's best friends, and he's not even a driver. Not yet.


Dinosaurs Beckon
The Royal Tyrrell Museum in Drumheller, Alberta, is well worth a look.


A Custom Touch
Saskatchewan's Kevin Brockman has an exotic hobby: Peterbilts.


Blue Ribbon Hog Hauler
Wayne Peart's gentle ways earned him the respect of everyone he worked for.


Class Clown
Dave Marson has worn a few hats in his time, but the red one with the white trim is a favorite.


Rolling Canvas
Saskatoon's Chester Mallow slays 'em at the scales.


Features Index
Here's an easy way to find all the great highwaySTAR material you may have missed over the past two years.


Truck of the Month
Laurie and Jody Laroue turn heads everywhere they go.


The Tax Man
Don Wilkinson may have opened our eyes to the subtleties of the tax code, but that was just the tip of his iceberg.


Summertime Dreams
See anyone you know? Here's a few of the faces that made Summer 2001 such an incredible time.


National Body Takes First Flight
NTAC promises much for owner-operators.


The Big Shows Shine
The 2001 season powers into late July and August at Fergus and the Rodeo.


Still To Come: The August Shows!
There's more to come.


A Proud Canadian
James Doel's old 1962 KW still works most days, but takes the winters off.


Still More Chrome
Here's part two of our summer truck-show report.


Driver Profile: Terry Domier
It's all about what you leave behind, says Vancouver's Terry Domier.


Start Polishing!
The shows have begun.


Bring on the Chrome
Here's the lowdown on the season's first few truck shows.


Driver Profile: Craig Butt
Experience doesn't come cheap when you live in Newfoundland.


Born to Truck
Mike Hluschuk is a pro all the way, and nowadays a show winner too.


Working the Tax Angles
There's more than one way to skin a cat.


Jason's Jewel
Truck of the Month: like picking money up from the side of the road, really.


We're Doing It All Wrong
Canadian truckers may soon be able to afford to eat in restaurants again.


The Price We Pay
Maybe drivers need to rearrange their priorities a little.


Buying a Camera
Part two in a very irregular series to help you take better pictures of your truck.


Business Smarts
Tax planning: it's never too late to start.


Be A Buddy
It doesn't take much to put a big smile on a child's face.


Are Tolls the Answer?
We desperately need more highways here in Canada.


Room, With a View
After 19 years on the hill, the Kamloops Travel Center is about to get a facelift.


No Parking!
What's a tired trucker supposed to do?


Moms Do It All
It's tough running a family when your husband's on the road all the time.


Is Saskatchewan the Canary in the Coal Mine?
A model for the national problem: not enough roads to handle booming freight volumes.


Wow! What a Truck
As best we can figure, Mike Duffy has lightitis.


The Shining
Show fever grows while Mike Duffy raises the ante every time out.


Speed Thrills
European truck racing: a model for North America?


Highway Shame
A day late and a few billion short.


A Piece of History
The Dogwood Truck Stop has been a driver's oasis for 60 years.


Photo Tips
Better pics. Wider smiles.


Driver Profile: Lawrence Sokoloski
For a guy who was told early on that he'd never amount to much of a truck driver, Lawrence 'Sok' Sokoloski doesn't have much left to prove.


New U.S. Hours Proposal Falls Flat
The folks down south are really in a lather now.


Good Impressions
At the Irving Big Stop in Aulac, N.B., Marsha Haylock re-defines the phrase 'service with a smile'.


Driver Profile: Linda Simon
If there were more women in this business, Linda Simon's career path might not seem so unusual.


Your Office Chair
There's more to spec'ing a good truck seat than making sure it offers a smooth ride.


Driver Profile: Mary Dunlop
Saskatchewan's Mary Dunlop is an owner-operator who'll haul anything you can get on a lowboy.


Eating on the Run
Eating properly takes a little extra effort, but you can do it. And it doesn't have to taste bad.


Sound Systems
You don't have to mortgage the house - again - to get decent sound in your truck. And you deserve it anyway.


The Professional Tourist: Mackenzie Highway
Here's an Alberta museum dedicated to the building of the Mackenzie Highway and to 1940s-vintage Internationals.


The Best Gift
Tony Hopp knows how tough it is to find a suitable transplant organ, but he's got a plan to remedy the problem.


The Professional Tourist: Hopewell Rocks
Should you find yourself holed up for a weekend somewhere around Moncton, N.B., why not check out one of the greatest natural marvels this country has to offer: The Hopewell Rocks, otherwise known as the Flowerpot rocks.


Driver Profile: Gilles Martin
Good things come to those who haul small packages.


Fiber for All
Put fiber in your diet and you've got a broom for your digestive system. It sweeps away harmful substances.


The Professional Tourist
Laid over? Got a bit of time on your hands? One of the greatest advantages we have as truck drivers is getting paid for traveling around this great country of ours.


Driver Profile: Bob Stranden
Bob figures life is at its best when he's out there on the road, alone, with nobody peering over his shoulder.