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How can I recover the value of personnal items stolen from my truck?

The commercial insurance policy that covers your commercial vehicle, whether in a fleet or a single owner operator, does not cover the personal effects in your vehicle. A commercial automobile insurance policy will repair or replace all OEM equipment in your vehicle, including factory installed radios, CBs, refrigerators etc., in the case of a total loss such as a major collision or fire, but it will not cover your personal effects. Look around your cab; if you have a high-end aftermarket CB or stereo, personal tools, a laptop computer etc., these items must be insured through your homeowners or tenants insurance policy.

Keep an inventory of all the personal goods in your truck with descriptions, photos and serial numbers. Better yet, keep original bills of sale. Talk to the insurance broker who insures your house or apartment and make certain those items are covered. This coverage is very inexpensive, and offers valuable protection against loss, which is particularly useful considering the high levels of commercial vehicle theft.

Jim Park