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I’m an Aussie looking for work in Canada on a temporary basis. Where do I start?

Well, my Australian friend, Canada doens’t need you --at least that’s what the Government says. According to The Canadian Human Resources Development Commission, the truck driving profession is already staffed at adequate levels, and no further assistance from that department, or the department of Immigration is necessary.

Tell that to a fleet looking for quality drivers and you’re likely to recieve a punch in the face. Frankly, our Government, as you might expect is hopelessly out of touch with reality and still doesn’t believe that imported drivers are a reasonable alternative to the present shortage of good help.

In other words, if you’re planning to formaly apply to Canada for an immigration visa as a druck driver, you’re out of luck.

If you do manage to succeed in gaining entry to Canada by some other means, you’ll need to take the necessary driving and written tests in the province you decide to take up residence in, then make applications to the employers in the area. Based on your stated experience, I don’t think landing a job would be that difficult. The problem remains one of gaining landed immigrant status before you can begin the process.

In the Careers section of our website, you’ll find links to a number of carriers who are currently hiring qualified drivers. I’d suggest you contact them via the on-line application forms and inquire if they’d be willing to sponsor you as a immigrant employee. Stranger things have happened.

Good luck.

Jim Park