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Are there any courses available to train for a dispatcher's position?

Becoming a dispatcher is easy, just have half of your brain removed!

Kidding of course, but that was too easy to pass up.apologies to all the dispatchers out there.

There are a few dispatchers courses around, but they're fairly new and I can't speak to the prospects of getting work once you've completed the program. One source for information is the Canadian Trucking Human Resources Council in Ottawa. They are currently developing a training program of their own, and I'm sure they'd know who else is currently running such a program.

Kim Richardson Transportation Specialists school in Caledonia Ont. also runs a dispatcher training program.

There may be more, but we're still looking.

Contact KRTS 1 800 771-8171 www.krway.com

CTHRC 613 244-4800 www.CTHRC.com

Jim Park