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Are there any companies that you know of who will hire people with misdemeanor charges for possession of marijuana? I pled nolo contendre to a charge over four years ago (my ex put it in our luggage on the way back from Jamaica).

You're in a tough spot, my friend. A criminal record, especially a drug-related charge, isn't going to help your cause.

The best thing you could do is inquire about getting a pardon for the offense. A pardon doesn't erase the record, it just hides it from public view, that way, you can apply for work knowing that the offense is not going to appear on the public record.

There are a few technicalities involved, like proving that you've not re-offended in the past five years, etc., but that doesn't sound like it would be a problem.

I'd suggest you call a paralegal service that specializes in pardons and waivers and ask what's involved.

Jim Park