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Are you tired of being taken to the cleaners every time you sit down to a meal? Are you fed up with eating bologna sandwiches while your MP is eating Fillet Mignon on a business trip? Now is the time to speak up and tell the folks in Ottawa you want to see some changes made in the way we're allowed to claim our meal expenses.

We've written an open letter to Canadian Members of Parliament, explaining how the current system works, and explaining why it doesn't work for truck drivers. Read my column, entitled 'It's Your Money' posted in the 'Doing Your Job' section, to understand what the issues are, then read and download the letter. Mail a personalized copy to your MP and make sure they respond to you. If you get no response, call them back.

Staying quiet is no way get anything done.

All you'll need to do is add your name and address to the top of the page, and sign the bottom of the letter and drop it in the mail. There's no postage required to send a letter to the House of Commons. Just check our list to get the name of your MP, and then mail the letter off.

Please use the form below to customize our letter to alert your Member of Parliament to the problems with the current meal tax regulations. If you want to download and edit the letter yourself, please download a Word file of it.

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