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Are there any sort of guidelines that should govern a contract of employment between a company and a person seeking employment as a Company Driver?

The only guidelines that govern an employer/employee relationship is the Fed-eral Labor Standards Act. Any trucking company with inter-provincial operating authority is covered under Federal law, not provincial. Having said that, any other relationship you might be considering with a carrier or owner-operator might not only be illegal, they could be down right dangerous.

We often hear about pay-under-the-table deals with owner-operators offering prospective drivers some kind of deal where the driver pays no taxes, or drivers are told to set up their own driver service as a means of skirting the tax rules as they apply to employees. If you’re offered a deal that sounds like any of these, start walking.

We’ll look into some of these scams in the near future on the highwaySTAR website. In the mean time, forget any kind of arrangement that involves any-thing other than a straight-up employer/employee relationship. If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.

Jim Park