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Why do veteran drivers always tell potential new drivers not to get into the business?

Probably because trucking isn’t what it used to be. The industry has changed a great deal in the past 15 years or so, and some of the veterans would tell you that the changes haven’t been for the better. By comparison, rates have been higher than they are now, workload was lighter, and there was a lot less emphasis placed on compliance than today.

The veterans will tell you that trucking doesn’t offer the same potential it once did, and whether it’s a result of some bitterness, or frustration, they’re likely trying to tell you that, in their opinion, there are better ways of making a living. That of course, is a matter of perspective. The old timers will tell you that you stood a better chance of succeeding in the past than today. They’d be a least partly right, but the other side of the coin suggests that you just need to run a tighter ship that some of your predecessors did.

The important thing is, the veterans are comparing the old days to today. Things are different, not necessarily better or worse, just different.

Jim Park