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For leased owner operators, who pays broker fees, and, how and when does the money come out of settlement?

It really all depends on the contract you have with the carrier. The carrier can deduct anything it sees fit, as long as the terms and conditions are spelled out in your contract.

What, no contract? Then you're living dangerously. Without a contract, the carrier can do pretty well what it wants, and all you can do is complain, or maybe head off to court to resolve your differences.

Remember, you're in a business relationship here: anything can be made to work as long as both parties agree to it. If it's always the carrier calling the shots, I suggest you need to look at protecting yourself in some other way, like drawing up a contract. If the carrier doesn't like that idea, head for the door. You've got to protect you interests in the relationship. That's what the carriers do.

Jim Park